The Top 20 Landscape Photographers in 2022

Landscape photography is one of the most exciting and adventurous professions. The  photographers behind them are thrill-seeking “superhumans”. They scale high mountains, fly high (in a plane of course), explore dense forests and all that ordeal, just to get that perfect shot!

The landscape photographs you see today are the product of excellent patience, courage and skills shown by the photographers. 

An aspiring photographer like you would want to take inspiration from the best ones out there. If so, then this article is for you. 

Let’s dive right into the top 20 landscape photographers you need to follow in 2022. Maybe one day, you could even make it into this list.

Best Landscape Photographers in 2022

Sean Bagshaw

Courtside / Photo credit: Sean Bagshaw

Sean Bagshaw is an American landscape photographer. He started all of this as his passion and it grew into something that could pay his bills. He started his photography business in 2004. In addition to landscape photography, he also offers workshops on Photoshop Essential for Outdoor Photographer and Luminosity Mask Masterclass.

Before proceeding with the profession of photography, he was a middle school science teacher. He continues to teach students in his free time. He says “It has been a dream to be able to combine photography with teaching.” 

Cath Simard

Canadian Rockies / Canadian Rockies 

Cath Simard is a self-taught Canadian landscape photographer. She’s also prominent in the field of digital artistry and a central figure in the NFT community. 

She combines her imagination and reality to unfold a landscape that seems straight out of a fairy tale. The best example of this would be her Iceland’s shots. They are magnificent. 

She even trekked for almost a month, walking 250 kilometers (155.3 miles), just to create a single image. She creates only 6-10 images a year due to her lengthy creative process.

She offers photography workshops with many positive testimonials from the people who attended them. 

Ted Gore

Photo credit: Ted Gore

Awarded with the title of 2015 USA Landscape Photographer of the Year, Ted Gore is a visionary. He is from Southern California and gained massive acclaim for his highly sophisticated style of photography. 

Ted has also created a leading workshop. In addition, he produced widely praised instructional videos to showcase new photographers about his processes.

Erin Babnik

Before she started her professional life as a landscape photographer, Erin Babnik used to teach at an art school. She implemented the use of photos to enhance her lectures. The photos she captures are enchanting. She radiates a new style in her photos that makes her stand out from the rest. 

Erin is also a part of Photo Cascadia, a collective of seven nature photographers who push limits of the craft and provide education related to photography. 

Daniel Kordan

Initially, Daniel Kordan was a Russian scientist but currently, he teaches others the line of photography. He studied at the Institute of Physics and Technology and during his college days, he explored opportunities that could eventually lead him to be a magnificent landscape photographer.

His photographs are breath-taking! 

Stian Klo

Stian Klo is an incredible photographer and one of the top shots of landscape photography. He has been recognised by industries like National Geographic and Apple. His images have been licensed to international ad-campaigns and product launches

Even other companies like Instagram, Nike, Hurtigruten, Statoil, Carl-Zeiss have recognized this man.

He’s an official ambassador for Renault, DJI Global, Viking Footwear, Ulvang, Lexar Memory, Turmat and so many others.

Christian Hoiberg

Christian Hoiberg is a Norwegian photographer with excellent skills. He’s always experimenting with the colors, focal lengths and processing techniques that are magnificent to look at. With every single work, he pushes his limits and is definitely the main attraction here. He’s got some brilliant stuff that every beginner must look at.

CaptureLandscapes, the website he owns, contains abundant knowledge and techniques on everything related to landscape photography. It could be of great use to you.

Felix Inden

If you are fond of the snow covered mountains, the icy lakes and the night full of aurorae, then Felix Inden could become your favorite landscape photographer of 2022.

Felix just couldn’t get enough of these icy places. Even though he’s from Germany, the stuff he produces looks like it came straight out of the polar regions. His images will leave you in awe.

Marc Adamus

Marc Adamus is an Oregon-based photographer. Marc’s award winning landscape work appeared in numerous publications like Digital Photographer, National Geographic, Sierra Club, Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor photographer. 

Marc always manages to catch the most majestic view on camera. His frame selection, post processing and his style are sublime.

Thomas Heaton

With over 500K subscribers and over 500 videos on YouTube, Thomas Heaton is gaining a lot of attention. His videos are of the vlog type and are very engaging. His enthusiastic personality, skills, techniques, all of these make a perfect video.

Thomas’ photos capture the essence of serenity and beauty. 

Michael Shainblum

When it comes to astrophotography, timelapse, aerial shots, Michael Shainblum is a top grade artist. With over 700,000 followers on Instagram, he is famous for his night-time photography and usage of lighting. 

Michael was interested in art at a very young age. This enabled him to translate the art he wanted into a landscape photo. His works are mesmerizing and magnificent. 

He also partners with huge brands like Apple, BMW, Samsung, Nike and many more! 

Mandy Lea

Mandy Lea was fond of her camping days in Colorado when she was younger. At a very young age, she was impressed by nature and its beauty. 

If you are someone who likes to hike and take mountain shots often, then Mandy Lea is the go-to landscape photographer you should follow. She specializes in mountain photography. 

Nowadays, she runs a blog where she writes about her camping experience and mountain photography.

Mandy’s works are available both online and offline. She is a brand ambassador of several brands like nüCamp RV, Princess Craft RV and many others.

Callum Snape

With over a million followers on Instagram, Callum Snape is definitely one of the best landscape photographers. He moved to Canada in the hopes of becoming a winter sports athlete, but his passion for landscape photography overshadowed his ambitions.

Callum started using the camera like a pro in just a couple of years and now is one of the top landscape photographers in the world. 

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is considered “The God of Landscape Photography”. His works are beyond fascinating. The theme used in most of his works is black and white. He took part in campaigns for Earth protection.

You should definitely check out most of his works to get an idea about the mindset he had when clicking those landscape photos.

Adams was also the founder of the f/64 group, which created a new standard for all photographers. 

Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna’s works are an absolute pleasure to look at. These are so mesmerizing that they just draw you in. In his resume, he states that his photos “concentrate primarily on the interaction between the natural landscape and human made structures“.

His style is unique and at first sight, leaves you with a bold impression and why not? He has been in this field for 48 years and counting. You are learning from a veteran after all. His works are definitely worth checking out. 

Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi, born in Northwest Italy, discovered his passion for photography when he saw the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand. Marco never fails to add a touch of serenity to his creation. That one thing alone elevates his photo to a whole new level. 

Marco Grassi is also an award-winning landscape photographer. He started traveling to find the perfect scenery for his photo. 

Several of his works have been published in media outlets like CNN, BBC and Telegraph. Additionally, he won the Outdoor Photographer of the Year award in 2015.

Richard Misrach

Richard Misrach is one of the most influential photographers of this time. He helped pioneer the renaissance of color photography during the 1970s.

The way he uses color is the most interesting and mesmerizing part of his work. There is no color grading, HDR effects or some other similar effects. It’s purely unedited and is definitely a beautiful piece of artistry. 

As Richard says “Whatever else a photograph may be about, it is always about time”. He definitely is one of the greatest landscape photographers out there.

Caroline Foster

In all of Caroline Foster’s works, it is evident that she is a fan of the wilderness. She’s a freelance landscape photographer. Although she completed her Masters in Clinical Nutrition, her passion for photography didn’t get lost, it just grew. After a few years, she started her full-time business in photography. 

Caroline’s shots are beautiful and lovely. 

Kai Hornung

Kai Hornung is a landscape photographer from Germany. What makes him stand out from the other photographers is that he could capture anything and make it seem like an abstract photo.

He is the winner of ‘The International Landscape Photograph of the Year’ award in 2020. His shots are pure art.

Erez Marom

Erez Marom, a photographer from Israel, concentrates on landscape and wildlife photography. He earned a Master’s Degree in engineering from Tel Aviv University and worked as a Math teacher there after his graduation. 

In 2008, he saw the potential of DSLR cameras and wanted to click the most awe inspiring pictures. He was fascinated with the world of invertebrates and started there. Two years later, he moved to landscape photography.

He is an active writer of DPReview and his works have been published in world-leading magazines.


These were the top 20 landscape photographers you should follow in 2022. These professionals will teach you new things and inspire you to go out of your way and experiment with different things.

One day, perhaps you might make it into this list!

Which photographer do you think should have been on the list?