“Keep shooting and be sure to break the rules!” – interview with Tim Murphy

Having completed his corporate career saying “I’m on my “Act II” as a Scottsdale-based photographer”. His focus on two divergent shooting locations: the American Southwest and Ireland. A health crisis changed his life, so he reinvented himself and took to photography.

What made you choose the creative path in your life?

A rare neurological condition took me off the golf course and my road bike. So I returned to my old hobby of photography. I traded in my golf clubs and bike for a camera and a cane.

What is your most memorable project or photo? Or the most successful project?

I have a photo of Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland that I will never forget. I had captured the conventional shots of the iconic Coutny Antrim castle on previous visits. So, in 2018 I chartered a fishing boat out of Portrush Harbour. Bobbing about in the North Atlantic, I snapped away. For every castle shot, I probably got ten cloud and wave shots! But I came away with a great one, one of my most popular images.

What drives you? What’s your favorite type of photography?

I strive to get better at capturing images that make people say “wow” or more… As far as favorites, I started out with landscapes and will always do them in Ireland and the Southwest USA. I frequent Pow Wows in Arizona, love night photography and dabble in street photography.

Whose work has influenced you most?

Like most everyone, I regard Ansel Adams as the master landscape photographer and have enjoyed his work for years. I also follow David Yarrow, Trey Ratcliff and Michael Shainblum.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Keep shooting and be sure to break the rules!

Is there any place in the world that you wish to be tomorrow with your camera?

Would love to photograph the Isle of Skye, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Morocco.

What’s your opinion on the NFT and how will it impact the art industry?

Sorry, I am pretty old school. My NFT knowledge is marginal.

What’s in store for you for next projects / years?

We missed our annual summer in Ireland for the past years due to Covid. Very eager to return in 2023.

Where can we find you and your work?

My website www.timhmurphy.com and my upcoming book, Three Summers in Ireland.