Inspiration from the aesthetics of wabi-sabi to create unique handmade photographic prints – Natalia Rudychev

Portrait of Natalia by artist Pierre-Yves Linot

Natalia Rudychev, a Russian-born New York based artist photographer. Draws inspiration from the aesthetics of wabi-sabi to create unique handmade photographic prints. All things impermanent, imperfect and incomplete make her think about the evanescence of our existence in this world, the mystery of love and the poetry of connections to other human beings. She strongly believes that every person approaching her work is an active co-creator and intentionally leaves space for the free flight of imagination.

What made you choose the creative path in your life?

Martin Heidegger said, “Poetically man dwells”. Being in this world is a gift to be shared. I write poetry with light.

What is your most memorable project or photo? Or the most successful project?

My most successful project is life. The most memorable photo is the one that is waiting to be taken now.

Tenderness / Natallia Rudychev

What drives you? What’s your favorite type of photography?

Love of life drives me. I enjoy creating my images anew through printmaking. The image I take with a camera often transforms and acquires additional levels of meaning in the process. Sublime deep blue of cyanotypes, delicate details of lumen prints, fleeting beauty of anthotypes, unpredictable surprises of pigment transfers speak to me and allow to communicate big and small epiphanies of life to my audience.

Whose work has influenced you most?

This a difficult question. I grow and develop and so does my art. At different times I am inspired by different artists. I enjoy going to museums to find “aha” moments. But most of all I am inspired by the people that make me want to be a better human being.

Falling to Rise / Natallia Rudychev

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Find the voice for your vision.

Is there any place in the world that you wish to be tomorrow with your camera?

Any place is good as long as I have my camera with me.

Wild / Natallia Rudychev

What’s your opinion on the NFT and how will it impact the art industry?

I think that NFT broaden the outreach of artistic expression. I believe there is a lot of potential that is yet to be explored.

What’s in store for you for next projects / years?

I want to create more artist books. I enjoy both the process of making books by hand and telling stories with my images and words.

Where can we find you and your work?

Making Invisible Visible – Buddha Lips / Natallia Rudychev

Sweet / Natallia Rudychev

Accidental Petal / Natalia Rudychev