In regards to being an artist… you are only as good as your last image. In regards to having a good life… never give up. – David McGhee

David McGhee

A commercial Photographer and Director working out of Dallas, Texas. His clients are mostly corporate such as American Heart Association, Marriott International, FedEx and others. Additionally he works with local Advertising Agencies and companies.  

What made you choose the creative path in your life?

My family was full of creatives growing up so it seemed natural. Being creative is where I feel my best. It can shooting in extreme heat in the swamps of East Texas or in far below freezing temperatures on the Oklahoma border in the middle of winter, its what I enjoy most.

What is your most memorable project or photo? Or the most successful project?

Probably one of the most successful projects I worked on was the 2016 Ansel Adams exhibition at Texas Tech University. The exhibition was the largest Adams exhibit to date at just over 100 original Adams works. My position was consulting with the Education Department on Adams camera and darkroom techniques. Working with the team at Texas Tech and being in the presence of such a large number of Adams original works was quite inspiring. 

What drives you? What’s your favorite type of photography?

What drives me is the desire to experience as much as I can. The world can be a wonderful place and breathing and tasting new places keeps me moving and wanting more. My favorite type of photography? Most definitely landscapes and portraits. And not always beautiful imagery of places and people but also the not so beautiful images. Images where photography is used as a mirror where we are forced to see things we can’t always or sometimes don’t want to. Images that make us travel.

Whose work has influenced you most?

The Masters. Adams, Penn, Avedon, Lange, Mark. The ones lugging around large or medium format and were dedicated to this medium. The ones who captured the great shot regardless and often at great sacrifice. The ones who when you pick up a camera and use it you are echoing their spirit though you may not even know it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

In regards to being an artist… you are only as good as your last image. In regards to having a good life… never give up.

Is there any place in the world that you wish to be tomorrow with your camera?

There is always someplace I want to be in the world with my camera. If it makes easier to provide a location I would have to say somewhere in Scotland. 

What’s your opinion on the NFT and how will it impact the art industry?

NFT can be a great option for those looking to sell their art. I look forward to seeing how it brings selling photographic images to a new place.

What’s in store for you for next projects / years?

I have several projects going on. My client work comes first followed by several self assigned projects. Always something new I want to capture or images shot I need to edit for showing.

Where can we find you and your work?

My current project links can be found from this single IG account.
Please check them out!

David McGhee

David McGhee

David McGhee